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The company was formed in 1995. Cool Car provides sales & service of Car AC systems for all brands like Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Renault, Skoda, Tata Motors, Force Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, GM, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Range Rover and Others.


  • 6 Months Guarantee
  • Correct Diagnose
  • Quality Oriented Service
  • Original Spares
  • Systematic Repair
  • Free Pickup & Drop
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Maximum Cooling Guarantee

Salient Features

All staff & technical team are personally trained, having good knowledge & technical skills to diagnose the problems and to provide correct solution. We have technical back up from the original equipment manufacturer. Our trained manpower delivers quality service. Our workshop is equipped with all necessary and special tools to carry out systematic repairs. We use genuine spares and recommended consumables to maintain the performance and life of the air-conditioning system.

Our Speciality

Key Points of our services with 6 months guarantee.

Maximum Cooling Guarantee

We ensure you that we give Cooling guarantee minimun 5°C to 7°C

Compressor Repair

Car AC Compressor repair

Aluminium Welding

Car AC Condenser/Aluminium pipe repairs (Aluminum Welding)

Hose pipe Repair

Car AC Hose Pipe repairs
(Hose Crimping).

High Quality Maintenance

High quality maintenance by experienced, skilled and trained technicians.

Correct Dignose to maintain Quality

Correct Dignose to maintain the performance and life of the Air conditioning system.

Genuine parts & Reliable service

We provide Only genuine original spare parts and Reliable service at fair price.

Automobile Air-Conditioning System

Air conditioning like it says 'conditions' the air. It not only cools it down, but also reduces the moisture content, or humidity. All air conditioners work the same way whether they are installed in a building, or in a car. The fridge or freezer is in a way an air conditioner as well..

How CAR AC System Works

The Components Used in the Car AC System Are:

  • Compressor - This is the heart of your AC system.
  • Condenser - Its purpose is to radiate heat out of the system.
  • The receiver, drier, or accumulator- It works like a dryer and absorbs any water in the system.
  • Expansion valve or orifice tube - It is the system that changes from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side.
  • Evaporator- The evaporator absorbs the humidity out of the air, so you feel cool air inside the cabin.

How to use Car AC:

  • Use System In Re-circulation Mode.
  • Keep Condenser Fins Clean.
  • Maintain Appropriate Compressor Belt Tension.
  • Keep Evaporator Clean By Servicing Periodically.
  • Ensure That - Fresh Air / Re Circulation Selector, Air Direction Selectors and Heater Selectors Are Functioning Properly.
  • Maintain Required Engine Rpm.
  • Run The System For 5 Mins, At Least Once Every Month.
  • Do Not Use Ac with Heater On.
  • Do Not Start / Stop The Engine. with Ac Switch On.
  • Do Not Use Spurious Spares / Oil.
  • Do Not Short Circuit Any Electrical Components To By Pass.

Car AC Parts

AC Compressor


Cooling Coil

Blower Motor

Air Filter


Blower Resistance

Clutch Pully Set

Condenssor Fan

Expansion Valve

Expansion Valve Brass

High Pressure Switch

Hose Pipes

Magnet Coil

Non Rturnable Valve

Oil Seals


Pressure Valve

Pressure Valves

Radiator Fan Resistence

Receiver Drier




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